Dumbo/Tear Jerker

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Baby Mine, don't you cry...

  • The "Baby Mine" sequence, with Dumbo's mum barely able to reach her baby with her trunk through the bars of her tiny cage, is heartbreaking.
    • The music alone is beautiful.
    • It doesn't help that they mix Dumbo not being able to be with his mom with scenes of all the other baby animals being rocked to sleep by their mothers.
    • There's a reason Animation Historian Micheal Barrier has praised this sequence--the emotions in the scene are so real, you can't help but share your sympathy with Ms. Jumbo and Dumbo.
    • It's a famous enough tearjerker to became the subject of a gag in another movie. In Steven Spielberg's 1941, one of the characters (General Stilwell) goes to see Dumbo in theaters, 1941 being the year the film came out. There's the inevitable scene of him crying when "Baby Mine" starts.
  • The whole of Dumbo was so traumatizing to watch Mrs. Jumbo be locked up for trying to protect her son and all that time they were separated!