Elite Beat Agents/Headscratchers

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    • Am I the only one who has a problem with the "abort" option on "Hey, Taxi! To the Hospital, and Hurry!!"? I know it's supposed to sound official or whatever, but, uh...
      • They probably didn't think that one through... Maybe it was one of the earlier concept levels?
    • So is Mr. Virus a pervert, or just is he just willing to do anything to win?
      • Yes.
      • In this case, it' s possible that he rapes Cap White when you lose, wich would be natural, and remember that he is a virus: a virus opens cells, enters and reproduces with them, so, if he inflicts enough clothing damage, by completly destroying her clothes, he can rape her and reproduce to have more allies. Or he 's only a pervert, whatever. Some guy on the fridge logic page pointed this out.
    • The Rhombulans have freezed every musician on Earth, including the EBA. The E-B-A chant unfreezes them, but if it doesn't unfreeze anyone else...who's playing the music?
      • For the same reason "Without a Fight" plays. They just create the music themselves. (of course it's my WMG)
    • "September" implies that Sofie only has one son. But "Without A Fight" suggests that Sam's owner is also her son. Where was he during "September"?
      • Maybe they just happened to be put in the same cell and Sam's owner was looking for whatever comfort he could get, even from someone he didn't know.