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  • There are a lot of Zuko and Iroh father-son moments, but surprisingly, it's Aang that gets one of the best ones in the fic.

"So... you believe in the Avatar after all," Aang said, half to himself.
"No way," Sokka snorted.
Aang's jaw dropped.
"I believe in you."

"Being the Avatar isn't about who deserves help," Aang managed. "It's about making things right. The world needs to be balanced again. That means we have to stop the Fire Nation." He swallowed. "And it means I forgive you."
Tao glanced away. "I don't deserve it."
"Gyatso said once, nobody deserves to be forgiven." Aang remembered that day, trying not to hurt inside. Guru Pathik had said the Air Nomad's love had been reborn as new love... but it was Gyatso. "I told him that sounded awful. There had to be something somebody could do. But he said no. Forgiveness isn't about them. It's about you." He took a deep breath. "What you said - it hurts. A lot. But you've been hurting too, all this time. And when Boots came and found you... you could have left, and we wouldn't know anything. But you didn't. You came to help us. Even... even when you thought I'd hate you." He bit his lip. "And you knew what Roku did when he stopped Sozin the first time. You know what an Avatar can do when... when we get mad." He swallowed dryly. "You're really brave."
Tao raised a brow. "Because I dared to face you?"
"No," Aang said, thinking it over. "Because you didn't stop hoping." He looked at Katara, and her wonder made his heart beat faster. "It takes a lot of courage not to give up."

  • Chapter 45 has Earth King Kuei in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. His response?

"If your tribe wants an alliance - we can use your help. We can use anybody's help. But if you want... more than that..." Kuei swallowed. "Would you like to meet my people?"

  • Any interaction between Zuko and Asahi. Ever.
  • Chapter 62, the message from Gyatso to Aang. Very sweet and endearing, if yet sad and sorrowful.
    • Any interaction between Gyatso to Aang, especially in the current chapter.