Fantastic Four (2005 film)/Drinking Game

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    All The Tropes and Miraheze are not responsible for any damages that result from drinking games,
    including but not limited to damages to your liver and other people's cars.

    Drinking game for the Fantastic Four films:

    • Not counting Sue and Alicia, every time the movie presents you with a random beautiful woman on screen, take a shot.
    • Every time Thing growls, roars or yells, take two shots.
    • Every time Human Torch says "Flame On", take two shots
    • Take two shots every time the Thing turns human
    • Take a shot every time the Human Torch annoys the Thing
    • Take a shot every time Sue turns invisible
    • Down whatever you have whenever Stan Lee appears on screen, out of respect for Stan the Man.
    • Take a shot every time Reed starts talking about science

    Props to you if you're still conscious by half-time.

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