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  • Magnificent Bastard: In the Hub, everyone is a MB. The most Magnificent one wins.
    • Holati Tate, a recurring character in the Trigger stories, gets a spotlight episode demonstrating the correct technique. Specifically, he arranges for the death of a murderer by hinting that he knows the location of a buried treasure in the orbiting meteor belt whose location is programmed into his space suit's tracking system, then waiting. Sure enough, the murderer attempts to kill Holati and goes EVA in the space suit (a task made considerably easier by Holati not actually fighting back in any way, but simply by stepping out of his booby-trapped air car before it blows up and then hiding in the wilderness for a couple of days) -- and immediately dies because the space suit is also boobytrapped six ways to Sunday. Upon being called out on this, Holati quite reasonably points out that if the murderer had not attempted to kill him and steal his stuff the trap would never have touched him, so ethically (if not legally) it was simple self-defense. And also that while air car bombs are a major felony, failing to properly maintain your space suit or attaching a wildlife call that attracts large angry space predators is not.