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  • Jenson Button: Songs From Inside My Helmet
  • The BBC coverage of the 2011 Italian GP started with a monologue in Italian, with subtitles, about their appreciation for beautiful and fast cars. When it ended the presenter said, "Buongiorno, il mio asino è nel campo" Hello, my donkey is in the field
  • At the qualifying for the 2011 Singapore GP Eddie Jordan mentions that Shakira was playing as part of the weekend's entertainment.

Jake Humphries: So Shakira's down the road and you've chosen to be with us? We're Honoured
Eddie Jordan: I didn't have a choice Jake!
Jake: No you didn't.
David Couthard: Actually, you do!
Eddie: Thanks a lot!
Jake: Don't get rid of him too soon!

  • In the 2012 Australian GP, Raikkonen (aka. The "Iceman") calls to his team over the radio: "WHY AM I GETTING ALL THE BLUE FLAGS?!" His engineer calmly tells him: "they're for the car behind you".
  • In the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix, almost every single driver that reached the pole position ended up out of the race. Kinda funny, in a Black Comedy way.