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Fridge Horror

  • The video to James Blunt's song "You're Beautiful" shows him slowly stripping off on what appears to be an iceberg before jumping into the ocean. It doesn't make much sense, until you realise that when people are on the brink of death from hypothermia, they feel too hot and tend to remove their clothes. Even if this isn't what the director intended, it still gives it a much more sinister feel.
    • When I first heard the song, the lyrics: She smiled at me on the subway / She was with another man / But I won't lose no sleep on that / 'Cause I've got a plan never really seemed to fit that well with the final lines, which go: But it's time to face the truth / I will never be with you. Without the context provided by the video, it all seemed pretty contradictory. Then, later on, I got to watch the music video. After thinking about what I saw, and reading a few entries here on TV Tropes, I remembered the that the end of the song involved James jumping into the ocean. And that's when I realized, with growing horror, that suicide was the plan .
    • The fact that he carefully lines up his wallet and rings suggests this, too - careful leaving of valuables is definitely a trope associated with suicide, though I don't know if it's borne out in reality.
    • He's definitely committing suicide, specifically in a Japanese style that's not as gory as traditional Seppuku.