Full House/Fridge

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  • Fridge Logic: Jesse is Greek, thus his sister, the girl's mother Pam, would have been too, yet in a home movie Pam is shown to be blonde. It's odder still that the girls would then be half-greek and their dad has dark brown hair, yet they all have light hair.
    • One episode had the family's Greek relatives visiting and all of them were brunettes, which only adds to the confusion.
    • Clearly Pam has dyed hair and Joey is the girl's real father.
    • Originally, the Katsopolis family was Italian. Don't know if that helps.
    • In 7.10 "The Prying Game" Danny mentions that Jesse is half-Greek, making the girls and the twins only one-quarter Greek. Still doesn't explain Pam's blonde hair or how all 5 children in the house inherited blonde hair too.
      • Don't forget the twins having blonde hair. Me thinks Becky had an affair with Joey.
    • Some Greeks have blond hair-- Cleopatra, for instance was a Ptolomey (Greek dynasty in Egypt) and some believe she was blond and green-eyed. Not to mention, a lot of different genes contribute to hair color, so it could be recessive or something.
    • I have a cousin who is half Greek and his daughter has sandy blonde hair.
  • Fridge Logic: In the episode "A Pox in our House", Stephanie get chicken pox. Then Jesse and Joey catch it. Jesse having confused a wool allergy as a child as chicken pox. Joey convinced himself he was immuned and "never had it, never will." Then in Episode, "Viva Las Joey." Joey is made to talk to his father who he always felt distant from. When talking to him his father says he comforted Joey and watched cartoons with him when he had chicken pox. So how was Joey ever able to catch Chicken Pox twice?