Hotel Dusk: Room 215/Tear Jerker

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  • Plenty of them in Hotel Dusk: Room 215, though in this troper's opinion the worst is Dunning being unable to even look up as he quotes the last thing Bradley said to him. "You won't see Robert Evans again." To those of you reading this who haven't played the game, this will mean nothing. To those who have, you'll understand the circumstances. The music helps as well.
    • You missed his big line. Five words: "I just want my Jenny...". Gets this troper every time.
      • And if you got the best ending: ..."Jenny?"
  • This Troper found herself tearing up when Melissa first explained what happened to her Mum.
  • The only time this Troper has ever cried at a videogame was when Louie talked about what happened to him and Danny. The only time.