I'm Alan Partridge/Headscratchers

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  • I may regret asking this, but...what was in Alan's drawer?
    • Never explicitly said or proved, but given Alan's curiosity over Bankok Ladyboys mentioned in this, and other episodes, we can assume that it is pornography of this kind, or at least something very similar.
    • "It's a big plastic cock. That Alan shoves up his bum. It's that simple!" - Steve Coogan, commentary track. Make an effort, people.
  • Why didn't Tony Hayers greenlight Monkey Tennis on the spot? I'd watch it.
    • Because it was being proposed by his arch-enemy? And because Alan gave no other information other than the name. I'd like to think that Tony went and made the series anyway just to screw with Partridge.
  • It seems very unfair that Alan Partridge will be forever stigmatised as the man 'who allowed a guest to be shot on air' whereas his former co-host on The Day Today started an actual war between the UK and Australia just to provide an interesting story.
    • It should be remembered, though, that very much unlike Alan Christopher Morris is not a completely hapless, idiotic, and talentless dickhead.