In the Heights/Awesome

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  • Perhaps "Blackout" is the most triumphant example.
    • Also Camila's solo, "Enough".
    • Both Piragua and the Reprise.
  • Definitely "Blackout". The audience goes crazy when we get a glimpse of the cast stumbling about in the dark. Also "96,000", it's probably the show's most famous number, if you don't know why, go find out!
  • Sonny and Graffiti Pete's section of "Blackout", in which they protect the bodega and distract the vandals. We also see Pete "light" a firework, which looks arguably very realistic. It's also all shades of FREAKING AWESOME.
  • At the beginning of Act 2, a vest-clad Benny is seen standing on his fire escape. When a T-shirt clad (translation: post-coital) Nina comes out to join him, the audience applauded and cheered for so long, the actors had to start their dialogue over.
  • Lin-Miranda Manuel's Tony acceptance speech for Best Score. Complete with improvised rapping.

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