Kamen Rider Spirits/Awesome

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    • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The first chapter alone has three of them. The most famous ones are from Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider #2 introduction story:

    General Gwin: Very impressive!! What's your mission objective and ID?!
    Ichimonji: Justice. Kamen Rider #2.

      • And

    Taki: Hey... Won't you believe in him? That... Even if there is no God or Buddha... There is Kamen Rider.

    • Super-1 standing straight on the nose of a space shuttle going through re-entry, and using nearly all of his hands to make sure that the shuttle doesn't explode. During re-entry.
    • Later, Kamen Rider X loses his arm during a fight in the ocean. Riderman attaches an arm that X Rider assumes is a nearly perfect copy... Until Riderman reveals that Amazon searched the ocean floor for the original and brought it back because "Keisuke's father built that arm for him."
    • Amazon slicing a fire-breathing T-Rex right down the middle with his Super Daisetsuan.