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Cappadocious made it happen

  • The origin of the kindred of the east makes little sense. They are like Risen who resemble Vampires. It is almost as if someone decided to find a way to aid wraiths in affecting the physical world and took inspiration for the system's design from the vampiric condition. Cappadocious was the oldest and most powerful vampire necromancer and his clan formed many of the strangest bloodlines. He's also conveniently been destroyed utterly so we'll never know.
    • Cappadocious had nothing to do with the Kuei-Jin. This is fully explained in the sourcebook. The Kuei-Jin have been doing their thing completely parallel to the Western Vamps. Eastern lands of the dead follow different spiritual rules than the West, so Kuei-Jin essentially are Asian Risen. Of the Antediluvians, Saulot had the most experience with them and even he was on the outside looking in.