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Kudzu.... is a climbing, coiling and trailing vine
With all those characters and plotlines going on it's apparently really easy to lose track of what you're doing. That's why even good shows have plotlines that they've just discarded like so many Egg McMuffin wrappers on the street.
That only raises further questions!
Hermes Conrad, Futurama
Remember, answers are only questions with funny hats.
The Cheshire Cat, Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

And, yes, too many recent Realms novels have "used up" loose ends (not the fault of the authors, mind you, who need to get permission from editors to use Realms elements, or even are given the elements and told to build a plot -- for which they will subsequently need to get approval -- around them).
In the old days, Jeff Grubb and later Steven Schend and Eric Boyd always religiously followed Ed's guideline: "For every one of my loose ends you tie up or explain, create three new ones and weave them into the Realms, to keep it alive and interesting."
Pity that guideline somehow gotten forgotten or repudiated, since.