Missed the Bus/Playing With

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    Basic Trope: The character misses the bus.

    • Straight: Bob misses his bus to school.
    • Exaggerated: Bob desperately runs for the bus, but misses it anyways.
    • Justified: Bob slept in.
    • Inverted: Bob waits for the bus, but gets tired of it and leaves the stop. Cue the bus coming.
    • Subverted: Bob runs for the bus, sees it starting to move, but then driver Charly notices bob and stops to let him in.
    • Double Subverted: Charly's just mocking Bob and slams the door into his face.
    • Zig Zagged: ???
    • Parodied: ???
    • Deconstructed: ???
    • Reconstructed: ???
    • Averted: The bus doesn't come at all.
    • Enforced: "I need a reason for bob to be late. Hey, what about him missing the bus?"
    • Lampshaded: "I'll miss the bus. For sure."
    • Invoked: Bob doesn't want to go to school and walks deliberately slow, so he'll miss the bus.
    • Defied: Bob gets up extra early so that he doesn't miss the bus.
    • Discussed: "Why does Bob always miss his bus?" "No idea. Meanwhile he should the time it arrives."
    • Conversed: ???

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