Mr. Bean/Funny

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    • His New Year's Eve party, in "Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean".
      • And the his method of repainting the room the morning after with one of his guests caught in the blast.
    • Near the ending of "Good Night, Mr. Bean" when he attempts to count sheep. He couldn't figure out how many sheep were in the picture, so he uses a calculator. The instant he gets the number, he nods and instantly falls asleep.
      • From the same episode, he attempts to get himself to sleep by watching a chess game on TV. After the end of the chess game, it spontaniously switches to a rock concert with loud music, startling and waking up Mr. Bean
      • Are you kidding? in that same scene, tell me you didn't burst out laughing when He shot the lightbulb with a gun just to simply turn it off.
        • Oh yeah, and notice that he's also got dozens and dozens of spare bulbs in the same cabinet, implying that this is what he does every night.
    • Mr. Bean's take on the Nativity.
    • From the movie, Mr. Bean's attempts at fixing the painting Whistler's Mother, not to mention David Langley's reaction at what he's done to it.

    David: Oh, Jesus! Oh God! Oh, Jesus, God, oh...Mary, Mother of Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth!!
    (Then after promising not to scream again)
    David: OH GOD!! OH GOD, OH GOD OH GOD!!