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"You will not grow old. You will not die. This is the gift we give."

John Amsterdam is a New York homicide detective. He's also an immortal. He uses his 400 years of experience to solve crime, all the while looking for his true love (who's also the only one that can cure him of his immortality).

A short-lived (8 episodes) series on FOX that aired in 2008. It was Cancelled just as it received an [[Emmy Award|Emmy}} nomination.

Compare the Highlander franchise, Forever Knight and Forever.

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Tropes used in New Amsterdam include:
  • The Alcoholic: John was one in the past, but at the start of the series he'd been sober for 50+ years.
  • Bunny Ears Lawyer: Everyone thinks Amsterdam is one.
  • Cassandra Truth: Amsterdam usually answers questions about his past honestly, but understandably, no one takes him seriously.

Eva: He has a really weird sense of humor.

John: The Army three times, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard; not the Air Force, don't like heights.