No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup/Quotes

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"Come on, Norm. You geniuses always make one thing, and have a better one on the drawing board."
Hobgoblin to Norman Osborn, Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Madblood: "I do make backups, you know!"

Mell: "Isn't that, like, against the mad-science rules?"

An Academy mate of mine who is serving with the TIE Sustainment Program has confessed similar sub-fleet concerns about a limited purchase of TIE Advanced for Lord Vader, even though Sienar has not yet adequately addressed the OT&E concerns with its development. Indeed, the TIE Advanced calendar continues to slide to the right when Lord Vader takes the only prototype out on combat missions that it hasn’t been risk-assessed to survive. We are increasingly seeing Senior Command dictate their own personal aesthetics over Imperial policy, which is putting our organisation at considerable risk.