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  • Acceptable Targets: Technology and the music industry.
  • Complete Monster: The narrator of "Strip the Soul", a creepy song about a serial killer who keeps the bodies of his victims in his own house.
  • Creator Worship: Many people think that Steven Wilson is a musical god. It probably helps that he is a pretty nice guy
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "Linton Samuel Dawson".
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Quite a few examples, but the 14-minute version of "Even Less" stands out.
  • Epic Riff: Several, especially "Occam's Razor".
  • Face of the Band: Steven Wilson is Porcupine Tree. On earlier PT records, he actually was, as he was doing every part himself.
    • He's also a regular in several other bands like Blackfield and No-Man, has performed on albums by Dream Theater, Opeth and Pendulum, just to name a few. Productive guy.
    • This is not even getting into his solo side projects, which aside from the obvious self-titled stuff includes Bass Communion (ambient drone music) and the Incredible Expanding Mindfuck (experimental rock). Productive doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel: Most of the lyrics on In Absentia.
    • Fear of a Blank Planet in general. The music video for the title track takes this Up to Eleven.
    • Some of their older stuff can be Nightmare Fuel also. Try listening to "Up the Downstair", "What You Are Listening To", "Voyage 34 Phase IV", and "Space Transmission" alone in the dark.
    • The music video for Strip The Soul. Oh my god. Not to mention that the lyrics reference the West murders.
    • "Bonnie The Cat." Holy shit, Bonnie The Cat. It talks about rape and subsequent pregnancy FROM THE RAPIST'S POINT OF VIEW. Well, Steven Wilson did say he likes to write about things that are scary to him..
    • "Radioactive Toy" deserves a special mention, since it was inspired by the movie Threads.