Promethean: The Created/Tear Jerker

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  • Promethean: The Created is powered by this. You are born an unnatural horror, woven from the corpses of dead men. Nature rejects you, cursing wherever you are with desolation and misery. Humanity rejects you, giving you nothing but hatred and scorn. Even the divine fire within you flares up, drawing the attention of aberrant, failed monsters that were created to be your kind, but now seek to feed on you. In your journey doubt will take you away from your path. Embracing inborn monstrosity will become more attractive than anything else. Most of the time, you will not know what it means to have a friend, much less a lover. Every moment of your existence is miserable... But why do you persist? To follow your quest, to accomplish your Great Work -- to become merely human. It's a definite tear jerker, though it can be either a heartbreaking one or a heartwarming one.