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Fridge Brilliance

  • Tomahawk Man is weak against Galaxy Vision because the hologram Mega Man confuses the straight-laced Tomahawk Man and distracts his bird drones easily.
  • Spark Man is weak against Tomahawk Assist because the birds conduct Spark Man's electricity, leaving him vulnerable to Mega Man's attacks.
  • Chill Man is weak against Spark Bullet because ice is frozen water, which means that electricity can flow through it rather easily.
  • Pharaoh Man is weak against Chill Slip because Pharaoh Man thrives in a desert climate. A sudden chill might affect Pharaoh Man's circuitry more easily.
  • Jewel Man is weak against Pharaoh Flood because jewels are created by heating minerals in the Earth. A sudden change in Jewel Man's jewels throws off
  • Dust Man is weak against Jewel Origin because jewels are more valuable than Jewel Man's scrap. Also, jewelry is only used for aesthetic purposes. Not a lot of people want to recycle jewelry.
  • Napalm Man is weak against Dust Chute because modern weaponry is hard to recycle in peaceful times.
  • Galaxy Man is weak against Napalm Cracker because explosions destroy Galaxy Man's illusions with ease.

Fridge Horror

  • The fact that Mr. X producing a perfect copy of Dr. Cossack and his Cossack Catcher is disturbing. There's the possibility of Mr. X creating copies of world leaders and replacing the originals with the copies. Granted, it's a reference to the Dr. Wily fight in Mega Man 10, but the thought is still there.

Fridge Logic

  • The intro to the game shows the game's original 8 Robot Masters. And yet Tomahawk Man remains in Unique Harassment. What happened to the other seven Robot Masters?

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