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  • I am somewhat annoyed with the treatment of cyborgs in both games. When I typed in "cyborg" on Super Scribblenauts for the first time, I was delighted to see they weren't hostile by default, which was a huge improvement (IMO.) Months later, I summoned Santa. He wouldn't give my poor cyborg anything, not even coal! Some would probably say a cyborg wouldn't care, but I think they would. This may be because of the whole Cybernetics Eat Your Soul thing, but even if I type in "soulful cyborg" or "kind cyborg" Santa still won't even give him anything! Apparently, the game doesn't consider them human, which just bugs me. And I also wish Santa would give presents to the robots and androids.
    • Robots and Cyborgs are already amazing; There's nothing more Santa could give them.
  • Can I go to 5th Cell in the sequel?
    • No.
  • Writing "hedgehog" will spawn a hamster-looking thing, suggesting that the developers didn't create a unique sprite for one. But if you write "porcupine", the creature summoned is clearly a hedgehog.
  • The complete dictionary list from the original game contains a huge number of functionally identical chemicals, seemingly included just to pump up the list of objects.
    • And? They might as well.
  • Any reason Anatosaurus summons a deinonychosaur?