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  • The scene where Yoh tries to help Morty/Manta confront the "Dead Enders" from episode one is one of my favorites.

Morty: Why'd you have to tie me up?
Yoh: I was tired.
Morty: Tired of what!?
Yoh: Sitting on you.

  • The look on Amidamaru's face at the begining of "Guardian Ghost" was priceless!
  • Anytime Lenny/Ren gets called out is usually funny.

Trey: What?
Len: You heard me. I said a bar of soap will have gotten it by now. And in case you haven't known, I'm implying you are a complete imbecile.
(Trey then proceeds to attack him)

    • You've gotta love that phony accent 4Kids gave him, I know it cracks me up all the time.
  • Anytime Ryo tries hitting on a girl is totally hilarious.
  • Don't forget all of those "interruptions" when the guys try going to the bathroom!
  • Whenever Manta and Faust hang out together, they're exact opposites in oh so many ways. The circumstances between Manta and Faust on the other hand, you would be scared too if you were being dissected alive.
  • There's this one blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene in episode 18. When Mikihisa tried waking Ryo after he'd been knocked out by Tammy.

Ryo: (still in a stupor) BE MY LADY!
Mikihisa: (totally deadpan) Ryo... let go of my leg.

  • I loved it in "One, Two, Three, Draw" When Len got mad at Yoh and "poked him with his HAIR!
    • Let's play tip the Lenny!
  • Morty and Opacho: "Stop following us!" "No" "Stop following us!" "No"
  • After Len gets better and saves Lyserg, he actually THANKS everyone for their help!