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Trevor is not actually Mr. Troublemeyer's son.[edit | hide | hide all]

He is actually one of Master XOX's clones. He picked one out to raise as his son and then ate the others.

There will be a flashback episode.[edit | hide]

We will learn why Maxum Man choose Eric to be his sidekick, how Eric became friends with Trevor, Kitty, and Vana, and how Maxum Man disappeared.

Trevor is related to Jughead.[edit | hide]

Let's see. Long nose? Check. Black hair? Check. Funny hat? Check. Long lost brothers, maybe?

Master XOX took up his name...[edit | hide]

Because Maxim Man beats him in every tic-tac-toe match.

Vanna is mean to Eric because Kitty likes him.[edit | hide]

Yes, she's kind of a bitch. But she is Kitty's best friend and they're pretty close. Vanna doesn't like Eric, but her pushing him away is because she wants to lead Eric away from her and more towards the kind Kitty.