Spider Riders/Funny

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  • "Hero Act" has to be the funniest episode in the series. First, the Spider Riders decide to be actors. Then Grasshop shows up, and it gets worse from there.
    • First off, the original troupe quits, and Hunter volunteers the Riders to fill in. Of course Hunter plays Quake. He says his lines as if he were monotonously reading them from a script, then Lumen, though a superb actor, gets caught up by a cute member of the audience. Then Igneous gets upset because he has to play an Invected instead of Quake. And if that isn't funny enough...
    • Grasshop comes along thinking that the Spider Riders are watching the play, when they're in fact in it! Grasshop makes the episode worth it, especially his reactions to the audience's harsh remarks about his "lame" costume. Not to mention his reaction to Hunter's "I killed your evil spirit and not your body" bit at the end is side-splitting. I have never seen him so completely confused... and of course he leaves us with the best lines of the show, "Grasshop isn't lame. Its you humans who are lame! ...I don't even know what lame is..." That's just priceless! Much better than "Ghost Spider" or "Hunter's Holiday" could ever hope to be.
  • Flame NEVER speaks, that in and of itself isn't all that funny. What's funny is the fact that Shadow lampshades it.

Shadow: You don't talk much do yeh?

  • Just about anytime Grasshop indulges in his over the top style "villainous laughter" is a moment of funny.
    • Or the time he got beat up by princess Sparkle and her Killer Yoyo of Doom!
  • Episode 41 had a really good moment. When Grasshop and Slate are "reunited" and Slate (understandably) tries to attack him.

Slate: Nothing can save you from my raith!
Grrasshop: Aha! Don't point that thing at me!
Sparkle: Don't hurt my Uncle Hop!
Slate: UNCLE!?!