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Star Trek Movie Rule #1: The even-numbered Star Trek movies are always better than the odd-numbered Star Trek movies.
Star Trek Movie Rule #2: If members of the cast sing in a Star Trek Movie, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Star Trek Movie Rule #3: If the Director of a Star Trek movie also stars in the movie, he'll give himself some really hammy and gratuitous scenes.
Michael Demtschyna, Michael D's Region 4 DVD Info Page
"Everybody has an opinion on Star Trek, but there is one pattern that most people seem to agree on - when it comes to the movies, the even-numbered ones seem to be the best. For whatever reason, the odd-numbered Star Trek films seem to be the ones that get, once in a while, viewers and die-hard fans really pissed off."
The Nostalgia Critic, in his intro to Star Trek month.