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    For any tropers who feel this way... You Are Not Alone.

    In Australia

    In Canada

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      • In Ottawa, all pay phones at O-Train stations have buttons that you can use to make a free call to the Distress Centre of Ottawa. Or you can call 613-238-3311 if you're anywhere in Ottawa. They'll help with any mental health concerns, not just suicidal thoughts.

    In France

    In Germany

    In Japan

    In the Philippines

    In Russia

    In Spain

    In Sweden

    • BRIS - Barnens Rätt I Samhället (Childrens' Right In Society - under 18s) - 116 111
    • Brottsofferjouren (Gives help and support to victims of crime) 0200 - 21 20 19
    • Jourhavande präst (A priest that you can call and talk to during the night (9pm - 6am). Believes in God, but won't talk about religion unless you choose to.) 112 (the Swedish emergency number), ask for the priest on call.
    • Kvinnofridslinjen (Gives help and support to women subjected to domestic abuse) 020 - 50 50 50

    In the United Kingdom

    In the United States


    Archived links:

    • GivesMeHope (archived) - Stories of hope, love, and compassion.
    • Depression: What You Know Can Help You (World Federation for Mental Health, archived) - In English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Includes a listing of telephone numbers in various nations.