Superman: Birthright/Awesome

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  • Young Clark wrestles with a lion, for the fun of it.
  • Our introduction to Lois has her defending Jimmy Olsen and owning the office jerkass.

Lois Lane: Back off. You pay for our work not our dignity. I do not like bullies, and you will not push good people around just because you're bigger. Not while I'm here.
Clark Kent: I think I'm in love.

  • Superman taking down the gunships with extreme prejudice and then narrowing down the signal that caused them to go haywire to Lex's location.
  • "Add it to my bill, you diseased maniac."
  • After intervening during a school shooting and putting the teens responsible out of action, Superman hunts down the man responsible for illegally selling them the guns.

Superman: One minute ago, I saw a little girl screaming because she was staring down the barrel of a gun. She was nine, and she will remember it for the rest of her life.
*Shoots a gun point blank in his face. And catches the bullet before it hits.*
Superman: Now you will, too.

  • Dumping Giacomo's wrecked drug boat into his pool.

Lois Lane: You know, he has a plane, too.
Superman: Don't tempt me.

  • During the "invasion" Van-Gar boasts that the symbol of Krypton will be forever linked with his violent actions, it serves only to send Superman back into the fight to prove him wrong.

Van-Gar: As of now, we place our brand upon you. Know it. It is the symbol by which Krypton shall be forever remembered by the human race.
Superman: Like Hell.

  • When Jimmy captures an iconic picture of Superman saving a child with a giant "S" shield.
  • When Lex follows up telling Superman that his home planet was destroyed with taking a picture of Superman's devastated face with his camera phone. Such epic trolling.
  • The people of Metropolis get their own when they finally take Superman's side.