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Describe That Troper here.

Oh, you know him. Don't lie, you've always known him. He's been around long before you were ever here. He uses Red Links to trope titles that he just made up on the spot. He Kicks Dogs, doesn't pot hole correctly, Pimps his own articles and Complains About Shows You Like. He Takes It To The Forums, YKTTW Bashes, uses Spoiler Tags when he really doesn't need to. and needlessly over emphasizes things FULL STOP, he shoves in inane details about himself, he repeats examples. He lurks the wiki, seeking to make your very life miserable. Nobody knows his real name, he can't be narrowed down to a single person, it's likely that he himself doesn't know of his crimes against wikis. Some say he's nobody, some say he's everybody, but we can all agree, he's That Troper. He also overuses spoiler tags, and repeats examples.

See the article, How Not to Write An Example for more information

Nothing like The Other Troper.

I heard that...

He doesn't bullet correctly.

Standard Flame Retardant rules apply. Do not name any names, insinuate with the insinuators, or add to the article unless it would contribute in a constructive fashion. Especially you, Adrian.

Or you are, in fact, That Troper or the Adrian in question, in which case, the wiki apologizes for your misfortune.