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  • In "That's My Boy??", Rob and Laura thought that they may have picked up the wrong child due to earlier mix-ups at the hospital. They finally contact Mr. and Mrs. Peters, and all suspicions disappear due to racial differences.
  • In "The Curious Thing About Women," Rob finds that Laura has been reading his mail, so he writes a show about a woman reading her husband's mail. Laura sees the show and later repeats everything done by the woman on TV. The crowning moment of hilarity is when Rob walks in and finds the raft leaning against the wall with Laura hiding behind it, trying to contain her tears of shame.
  • One episode features a man who claims to be Rob's old army buddy, but Rob does not recognize his face or his name. The man and his wife show up at the Petries' home and act in ways that make Rob and Laura suspect that he is a thief. Then Rob finally remembers the man, but the police have already shown up, and Rob is at a loss for words.