The Legend of Thunder/YMMV

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YMMV tropes in The Legend of Thunder include:

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Marina, the aspiring Teen Idol Action Girl. Attila and Hun as well, since their Evil Is Cool.
  • Ho Yay: Hun and Attila. Also, to a lesser extent, Eusine and Kudo.
  • Macekre: This episode holds the record for most dub edits in a Pokemon anime episode by far, and Dogasu's Backpack (a website specialising in documenting the dub changes to each episode) gave it possibly the most damning review on the site. Particularly bad is the Character Derailment of Marina and the sex change of Hun. Suffice to say the dub version is not fondly remembered, except for those who consider it So Bad It's Good.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Professor Sebastian as Attila and Hun's superior.