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Only dimensional travellers can ever hope to become The One.

  • It's obvious really, if neither you nor your dimensional counterparts have ever crossed dimensions (which would be true for the VAST MAJORITY of humanity) then it makes no difference if any of your counterparts die or not, but once at least one of 125 versions of yourself travel dimensions, then a change occurs which makes it possible to benefit from one or more dimensional counterpart's deaths.

Anyone seeking to be The One needs to be in same dimension as their counterpart when they die.

  • Like the above WMG, you need to be a dimensional traveller, but that in itself is not enough, the traveller needs to be in the same dimension as his counterpart when they die or are killed, otherwise there is no increase in powers.
    • If that were true, wouldn't Gabe be powerless?
      • Probably true. If not, everyone will become The One eventually, even if it's at the age of 98 when all his/her other dimensional counterparts have died.
      • The above WMG might be extrapolated from the fact that, while a few of the characters die, only Yulaw (et al) seems to become more powerful. However, this probably has more to do with the fact that the other characters' energy was still being divided between 124 versions of themself, while Yulaw's was only split 2 ways.

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