The Prayer Warriors/Quotes

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I and her are not dating, if you Satanic scum think that there is something Satanic going on. We are dating, but we are not having Sex until we get married.
We will corrupt the nation of God to bring everyone too hell, where they will will burn for in all eternal history, where their body will tourn apart, and spread across a endless, lifeless land, where they will be eaten by all foul breast.
And so we dropped down and we prayed dearly to God that he can punish Hades. And Hades dropped to the ground and then blew up, caused by our prayer.
"I may be a Hogwarts teacher", he yelled loudly, "but I`m also a Christian!"
"Evil laugh!" said the vampire.
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"...I think I get the message of the story. Christianity is good, and most, if not all, women are evil skanks who should die. And so do anyone else who celebrate any other religion. And bands that are supposedly "evil". And women in power, gays, and those who have disabilities.

"That is one fucked-up message."