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OtherHey there, it's Skye! You might have seen me on other websites, or even [my own website], but I doubt it. To be specific, you can find me on Youtube as White Chedda Lewis, Kongregate and TCRF as White Chedda Pichu, and Steam as Victini and Duck.

I probably read the wiki more than I'll edit it, but I seem to enjoy fixing red links and grammar issues, and putting Trivia and YMMV in the right place.

OtherFavorite Tropes
  • Affectionate Parody: My favorite kind of parody.
  • Association Fallacy: I like playing this for laughs, such as with my "theories" about Ness being Kirby (Same voice actor, both can use yo-yo, both games produced by HAL) and Mother 3 Lucas being Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Lucas (same name, games came out same year)
  • Little Bit Beastly, Adorkable animal traits!
  • Mama Bear and Papa Wolf
  • Chekovs Gun, because it's interesting to see what kinds of objects can become important.
  • Gainax Ending, for the utter strangeness it tends to invoke.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending, especially in video games.
  • Nintendo Hard can be fun and painful at the same time.
  • Where Are They Now Epilogue
  • Furry Reminder
  • Opposites Attract, Odd Couple and Odd Friendship
  • Video Game Caring Potential and Video Game Cruelty Potential
  • Nightmare Fuel
Other* Oh Crap There Are Fanfics Of Us is so nauseatingly overused in fan comics (and clearly just Author Tract) it should be considered a cliche.
  • Ship To Ship Combat. Shipping should be a fun thing, not something to have a war over.
  • Ron The Death Eater when it's out of hatred, especially when combined with Die For Our Ship. It can get very mean spirited.
  • The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard
  • Het Is Ew when it's genuine.
  • Sturgeons Law: I don't live by this law. It's too overly cynical for me (90%? Really?) and completely disregards the fact that some things are just average. Plus, what's the point of critiquing anything if most of it is just crap? Unfortunately it seems to be taken objectively as fact on this wiki and I really don't think it should be.
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Real nameSkye
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