Warrior Cats: The Original Series/Heartwarming

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  • A. Dangerous. Path. WINS. In the Riverclan and Thunderclan battle, Graystripe calls to Fireheart, when her children, Mistyfoot and Stonefur, are trying to kill her. Fireheart, even after being called a traitor by Bluestar, saves her life. Graystripe then warns Fireheart to look out as Graystripe's leader, Leopardstar is about to attack Fireheart. After being exiled and taken into Thunderclan, Fireheart asks, "So can Graystripe stay?".
    • Cloudtail telling Brightheart she is still beautiful to him.
    • Mistyfoot and Stonefur forgiving their mother:

Mistyfoot (to Bluestar while she's dying): "We forgive you, Bluestar."
Stonefur: "We forgive you."

  • Yellowfang's speech to Cinderpelt about losing someone in Forest of Secrets.