World of Warcraft/Awesome Music

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  • Sylvanas's lament qualifies. As does the music in each of the original game and expansion trailers, especially Wrath of the Lich King's. And check out the The Battle of Darrowshire
  • While wildly different from most other WoW music, this track from the Forge of Souls surely qualifies.
  • The music that accompanies this video. Though it plays in several locations, the most notable one is the Ragnaros fight in the Molten Core. It meshes so well with the tone of the battle and Rag's own quotes that it may well be WoW's first occurrence of boss music.
  • Shaping of the World, Call to Arms and Invincible.
  • Most of the Wrath music would qualify, but mostly anything to do with the Lich King or Icecrown Citadel. Assault on New Avalon for the Lich King's offensive, and the dragon-slaying music that accompanies the fight against Sindragosa.
  • Most of Cataclysm's music does not disappoint. The Login screen music basically mixes all of the previous login screen songs into something absolutely beautiful. But that's not the best part, there is a set of 369 songs said to be in Cataclysm, some of them remakes of Vanilla WoW songs. There are bound to be many keepers in it. Some listed here
  • The theme of Twilight's Hammer, probably the coolest theme for a death's cult of evil ever.
  • The wery soothing keyharp theme that plays on the transports in Northrend.