Xam'd: Lost Memories/Headscratchers

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  • Okay, first episode and already something Just Bugs Me. How in the heck was Little Miss Suicide Bomber not reduced to red green mist inside the bus, given that the explosion was big enough to destroy said bus and blow people off their feet several metres away? Even moreso when you consider that she had swallowed the bomb.
    • Maybe the bomb explodes outwards from around her body? Its purpose wasn't to destroy, anyway, just to infect people.
  • Raigyo has Perma-Stubble even immediately after he shaves. How does that even work?
    • Well it is Perma Stubble, so it's always there; you just couldn't see it under the beard.
  • What is the nature of love Ishuu felt for Nakiyami? What was the point of revealing her having long lost-lover and carrying giant torch for him still? And saying: "I'm just a woman, I can't bear losing him and you",- to Raigyo? Weakening her image?
    • Isshu loves Nakiami like a daughter. And about the Isshu-Raigyo moment, it was probably a spur of a moment thing -- a heat of passion, if you will. Her would-be love interest is dying, and she knows she'll never see him again. Perhaps, that moment awakened unconscious feelings for him, and even though she is very much still in love with her dead lover Rado, it isn't impossible to care about two people. She may've had feelings for both men.
  • Why did Prois let Haru leave her confinement?
    • Perhaps she realized how much saving her sister meant to Haru. The fact that she was offering her body, whether for consensual sex or rape shows that.
  • Okay, I've been trying to enjoy this show so far. TV Tropes says it needs more love, and I have love to give. Only one problem: THIS SHOW NEVER EXPLAINS ANYTHING!! What is a Humanform? What is a Xam'D? Why do people turn into Humanforms? Why does the chick with tattoos on her face care about Xam'ds at all? Can you just give me thirty of exposition to explain this? It isn't hard. This won't ruin your entire show's flow. Just explain yourself! I'm left screaming at my TV screen "WHAT IS GOING ON??" I so want to like this show, but I simply cannot until this is explained.
    • Since you said TV screen, I assume you're watching anime network on demand. Or are you watching it on dvd and haven't finished?.
      • Anime Network. This show has not gotten any clearer in the ensuing weeks either. Its amazing how nobody even bothers attempting to define the word "X'amd". Its like if in Star Wars they never bothered to tell you what "The Force" was.
    • It's fairly simple: Humanforms are people embedded with hiruko (whether artificially or naturally) who can change form; they become the "monsters" and it's why Nakiami wants to save them, because inside, they're human. Xam'd are humanforms who are more human-like and can think, which seems to be the way they stay alive and not crystalize. People turn into humanforms when they're embedded with a hiruko. And what chick are you talking about? I think you need to watch the show a bit longer; around the 20th episode, things get a lot clearer (coincidentally or not), this is also when the plot really kicks in).
  • What was the point to Furuichi Teraoka dieing the way he did?
    • He'd served his purpose in the story, so the writers *cough* 'headed off' his becoming a loose plot thread. I'm sorry, that was bad. But really, he'd illustrated their point about blind hatred, which is one of the major aesops, as much as he could. He was no longer useful to the plot, and since no major characters had died yet he got offed.
    • I saw it like this. life and death plays a very large role in xam'd. This was the only path he had, he couldn't form his xam'd mask, he couldn't promise to live. if he couldn't do that then he was awaiting death. He just took the fastest way he knew. this could be just me however.
      • The more thought I put into this, I realized I wasn't understanding it either, until I started comparing it directly to Blassreiter. Much like in that show, those who receive power (in the case of this show, hiruko) have problems maintaining their mental faculties. Much like how in Blassreiter, Gerd fell victim to his own insecurities and lost his mind, so did Furuichi. And much like Gerd, Furuichi realized that once he had no chance of going back to a normal life, that he had little motivation to maintain his grip on reality, and even less motivation to live. The difference is that Furuichi has one last moment of clarity, and kills himself before he can lose his mind again.