"It's Not Rape If You Enjoyed It"/Quotes

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Yukiha: A mere cock won't get the best of me! A mere cock... A mere cock... A cock... A cock... Cock-! (orgasms) Coming... Coming! I'm coming-!
Masami: I'll smear it all into you, up to the last drop! (Yukiha begins moaning) Phew... That was refreshing! Well then... Enjoy the rest of your date, Yukiha-chan!
Yukiha: (smiling from the orgasm) Cock... Cock...

Victor Larue: By the time I'm finished with you, you'll be begging me for more.
Trivette: LARUE! LARUE!
Alex Cahill: Oh, you disgust me! (slaps Larue)

Walker, Texas Ranger episode, "Trial of Larue"