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  • "I am looking for a gorgeous blonde named C.J."
    • "I've never met this guy in my whole life!"
  • From the episode "Premiere" after the kids have accidentally walked in on the parents...well you know

Paul: You could have knocked.
Kerry: It's seven in the morning. I thought you couldn't do anything until you had your first cup of coffee.
Bridget: Yeah, there's already one baby. What are you trying to do, make twins?
Kerry: Yeah, that's how it happens (!)

    • Was Kerry being sarcastic by that last remark?
  • In one episode "Pauland" his family is invited to a famous athlete's house for dinner so he can write a book about him when he's talking about how he'll rent a suit, Kerry and Bridget run down the stairs as Bridget gives Kerry a wedgie. Paul's response?

Paul: Can you rent kids?

  • In one episode, Bridget, Kerry, and EVEN C.J. calls Grandpa Jim whenever they get scared.

[A scary-looking guy stares at her/them/him and bought something for her/them/him.]
Bridget/Kerry/C.J.: [get cellphone out] Grandpa, I'm scared.