A Dog Named "Dog"/Quotes

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"I couldn't stand it if my name were just what kind of animal I am. I need a name with real panache!"
Crane (after losing his memory), Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness.
"What? The dog? Well, he doesn't have a name. My wife and I, we could never agree on one. We just say "Hey" or "Dog" or whistle. Doesn't make any difference. He don't come when you call him anyway."
Lt. Columbo, Columbo, "Mind over Mayhem"

Fluttershy: [After hearing Wright's first name] Uhh... Phoenix?

Phoenix: Y-yeah, that's my name.

Fluttershy: Oh my! I'm so sorry, I didn't know!

Phoenix: Know what?

Fluttershy: That you were a phoenix, I have only seen one other phoenix in my life. This is so great, you can speak!

Phoenix: ...Come again?

Gamlen: "Take it! I'm sick of what's-his-name here staring and panting!"
Leandra: "Honestly, Gamlen, a Mabari understands what you say! Try using his name."

Gamlen: "What's wrong with 'Dog'? Real easy to remember..."

Podrick: Does your dog have a name?
Meribald: He must, but he is not my dog. Not him.
Podrick: Who does he belong to?

Meribald: Why, to himself, and to the Seven. As to his name, he has not told me what it is. I call him Dog.