A Little Snow Fairy Sugar/Awesome

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  • Pepper helps a turtle fly.
  • Saga overcoming her worries and successfully replacing Vincent for the play's final performance.
  • During the final Bear Pianist performance, Sugar makes actual snow fall, strengthening the play's last scene.
  • Greta deciding to give Saga's piano back behind her parents' backs, and enlisting Anne, Norma, Phil, Alan, and Jan to help.
  • The climactic piano chase, with every one of Saga's friends trying to stop the runaway piano. Saga even challenges Greta to stop the piano together, and when the makeshift lever breaks, Sugar, Salt, and Pepper combine their talents to create a warm updraft of air to let them and the piano down safely.
  • After the piano's saved, Saga decides to let Greta keep it, newly appreciative of her friends and all they've done. Greta agrees...and gives it back to the music shop to keep so they can both play it.