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  • Historical Hero Upgrade: For understandable reasons, no mention is made of the fact that prior to the events of the film Thomas More supported ruthless persecution of Protestants as heretics.
    • To be fair, he was quite a humanitarian considering the times. He disapproved of the whipping or torture of what he considered Protestant heretics. (A total of six Protestants were executed during More's time as Chancellor). Some historians believe that the reason he was such a strong opponent of Protestantism was because he was worried that it would lead to social upheaval in England. And if so, he was right...
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: Henry is portrayed as an intellectual cypher, though possessed with a low cunning. In reality, he was, like all the Tudors, something of an intellectual with a real appreciation for fine culture.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: That giving up your personal values makes you give up your individuality is an ever-relevant message, even if it comes off as a bit heavy-handed.
  • What an Idiot!: The Duke of Norfolk is short a few little gray cells, mostly so that the audience can get some much-needed legal exposition.

Cromwell: Oh, well done, Sir Thomas. I've been trying to make that clear to His Grace for some time!