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  • Crowning Moment of Funny: From their G4 special. "Is that on fire? I'm not wearing that if it's on fire."
    • At one concert, Captain Robert's microphone handle snapped - in the middle of Aether Shanties", right on the cue of The ropes creaking, ship's leaking, sails are on fire/And this whole bloody ship could go up like a pyre. And, well...

"We're giving a steampunk concert. And no one has a screwdriver?"

    • At a convention where some badge ribbons had been given out (one of them said Accordion Hero) the Captain's accordion strap broke.

"Room full of steampunks and nobody has duct tape? Now is not a great time for the 'Accordion Hero' award."

    • At Dragon Con 2009 they attempted to play the classic flying-car song, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." After two false starts, they stumble through it, ending more or less on their feet, until their violinist goes up to a microphone and says, "What could we possibly play after that?!
      • There was also the mid-song banter between Captain Robert and Jody:

Robert: "We've only practiced this song once."
Jody: "That's one more time than we practiced the rest of the songs."

    • This one at World Steam Expo 2010.
    • And who can forget the "Airship Pirate" fiasco?
      • Yeah, in case you haven't noticed by now, these guys tend to mess up a lot. But it's part of their charm and personability.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: "The Wrath of Fate" from The End of Days. It tells the tale of an airship battered by storms, traitors, fires, and more, culminating in the ship crashing into the water:

But the crew stayed at its post, and the Captain at his wheel.
We all endured the wrath of fate, but thought our fate was sealed.
A chain's as weak as its weakest link, and rust did cut us through,
But strength in arms and hearts and heads held 'cause our course was true!

    • ...And they sail off into the sunset, battered, bruised, but together.
      • Aww.
    • Later on on the same album we have Letters Between A Little Boy And Himself As An Adult, where Captain Robert's adult and child selves communicate via letters (It Makes Sense in Context) and they basically tell each other to never stop dreaming and enjoying life. And it ends with Captain Robert realizing how droll humdrum his existence has gotten and setting off to find the childlike sense of adventure and wonder he used to have.
  • So Cool Its Awesome: Their website shows some of their instruments. One such instrument is an electric violin - steampunk style. Glowing blue flash tubes are the least awesome feature of this instrument.