Age of Mythology/Funny

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  • Typing in the cheat code "WUV WOO" will get you a magical, purple, flying hippo that wears a top hat and shoots hearts at its enemies... But that's not the funny part. Click on its description. Now you can laugh.
    • Same with the Canadian Laser Bear and his monkey friends. Surprisingly, this is one of the most powerful members of your team.
  • The blooper reel towards the end of the credits.
  • Also when Ajax suggests that Arkantos's boats need repairs:

Arkantos: [defensive] You don't think they can make it to Atlantis?
[boat creaks and capsizes]
Ajax: No...

  • Ajax and Arkantos are good for these in general. Another amusing interaction occurs when Arkantos suggests the Trojan Horse.

Ajax: I don't understand... Will it fight?
Arkantos: [facepalm]