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    Sten: Why are you here?
    Morrigan: Excuse me?
    Sten: Obviously you are no priestess. But shouldn't you be... running a shop, or a farm somewhere, rather than fighting?
    Morrigan: You think to tell me my place, Qunari? You are very brave.
    Sten: It is not done.
    Morrigan: But it is done. Do not be such a blind fool.
    Sten: I speak the truth. It is not I who is blind.
    Morrigan: Look around you, then. You see women throughout this land, fighters and mages both.
    Sten: That has yet to be proven.
    Morrigan: Which? That they fight? Or that they are female?
    Sten: Either.

    Morrigan: So I am not truly a woman to you? Hmm. 'Tis good to know.
    Dragon Age: Origins