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Oh yeah, no one would think of looking for us in THE VENT!
Cale Tucker, Titan A.E.
Sounds like Thor, god of thunder, is trying to sneak into my building!
The MythBusters busting this trope (or, at least, doing it without being noticed...)
In the movies, ventilation shafts are the escape route of choice for heroes trapped in industrial buildings. They're clean and roomy and soundproof, and will take you anywhere you want to go all, like a Habitrail system for the beleaguered protagonist on the run. I don't know where Hollywood buys their ventilation shafts, but they don't use the same supplier as the museum.
Hope Adams, "Chaotic"
I love 1958, no-one's seen Die Hard. Or Alien. Or Die Hard 2, or Aliens. [...] There's always a ventilation shaft!
Air ducts in a modern office are 18 inches wide. So if you need to make a quick escape and are older than 4... you won't fit.
Michael the Narrator, Burn Notice