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  • If you don't find him scary or take him seriously, his rants are hilarious.
  • Some of the edits.
  • In a video where he mocks the i-Dosing fad, he dances to techno music while pretending to be high. It's something of a treat to see this loud and frightening conspiracy theorist having fun and being goofy.
    • His commentary on a Kid Rock music video is also pretty damn funny.
    • Jon Ronson made a documentary about accompanying Jones into Bohemian Grove. It's quite hilarious because Jones interprets everything to be sheer evil when Ronson only thinks it's silly (i.e. the burning effigy which is specifically stated to represent "worries" and to relax, Jones thinks is supposed to be a baby.) The funniest part is when they get advice on how to enter the Grove, they are told to simply "dress preppy" and walk in through the front entrance. Jones is clearly worried by this - after all, he is supposed to be the intrepid reporter, evading danger to uncover a super dark secret. So he chooses to needlessly sneak through the woods. Meanwhile Ronson simply walks up through the front.
    • Two super funny moments in the Obama Deception. One is when he is making a call to a radio station, the fire alarm goes off. Jones's immediate reaction? "The bastards set us up!" Apparently, the Illuminati are 12 year old pranksters trying to mess up phone calls by pulling the fire alarm. The second is when Jones keeps saying that his car is being followed. As they pull into nearby shopping center, the guy "following" - a regular looking dude with no gun or radio or anything - goes into Moe's Southwestern Grill. They then just drive off, as the guy "following" presumably enjoys a burrito. What a close call! ...Haha!

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