Alien Invasion/Quotes

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Once, I saw xenos as a terrifying threat, the harbingers of our galaxy's destruction. Now I know them for what thery are. Vermins, parasites, suckling at the wounds of a galaxy that already belongs to mankind.
Daenyathos - "Reliquerae Tactica", Warhammer 40,000

"What is it you want us to do?"

Radio Announcer: "We are interrupting this program to bring you a special bulletin. Flash! A peculiar object has been spotted approaching the earth. It is believed to be a flying saucer. More details later."

Audrey: Gosh! A real flying saucer!
Little Audrey, "Dizzy Dishes", (1955)

Guerrero: Harris, what's your take on all this?
Harris: I dunno, man. Extraterrestrial?
Emlay: You mean, like, from space?

Stavrou: No. From Canada.