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All The Tropes has enabled the SocialProfile extension to provide advanced services on par with and on some points superior to those TV Tropes offers its own users. These features are all optional to varying degrees, and regular users may opt out of them entirely on almost all points if they so prefer. If they are used, though, all policies that already apply to regular user pages and related areas also apply to SocialProfile features in all respects. Administrators have the power to modify profiles with offensive content (i.e., that which violates ATT/Miraheze/legal rules and laws} and will request database information from the Miraheze global staff if need be to enforce this for the more private features if required.

Below is a description of the various features:

Social and Regular User Pages

The extension places all users on the SP enabled userpage, under the "User profile" namespace, but any user may revert back to the classic user page at any time should they not wish to use that feature.

There is a clone of the "User" namespace called the "UserWiki" namespace, accessible via each user's page courtesy of the "Wiki userpage" option. It may be used as a secondary copy of the "User" namespace if desired or for any other purpose one would use the User namespace.

Should the Social Profile page be used, it can be edited via its own provided menu via the "Edit Profile" feature. For discretion certain information can be made private, and restricted from public view or to friends only. Changes to this are not publicly logged.

If we get reports of any content that violates policy, we will request it be removed, and failure to comply will result in suspension or banning, whichever is deemed appropriate.


There is an option to upload user avatars via the user page, which will be visible in SP enabled features and on the user page itself. This feature is entirely optional, but obviously all avatars are required to be safe for work (nothing pornographic or illegal).

Administrators have the power to remove any avatars that violate this policy.


This feature allows for users to add another user as a friend or foe, accessible via any other user's pages aside from one's own. While it remains to a user's discretion to use this feature, and these requests can be accepted or rejected by the receiving party, we will not tolerate this feature being used for any policy-violating purpose, such as sending abusive personal messages.

  • Before you use the "Add as foe" option, please consider very carefully whether your intent aligns with this wiki's Core Policy "Play Nice". You may not agree with an editor, but you should always be able to respect another editor.

You may follow the public activity of a registered friend via the "Follow Your Friends" feature on the sidebar if you so choose at any time.

"See Friends/Foes" on the sidebar allows users to see any pending relationship requests and act on them at their leisure.

"View Your Messages" on the sidebar allows public and private messaging between users to be seen on a user-by-user basis, and messages may be sent via the "Send a message" feature on another user's page as well, either publicly or privately. Any reports of using this feature for policy breaking reasons will be dealt with accordingly.

"See Your Gifts" on the sidebar allows allows for viewing any gifts given by another user, which will be displayed on the SocialProfile page of the viewing user, and if they come with any messages, they can be viewed by clicking on the gift itself.

"Gift a Friend" on the sidebar allows a user to send a gift to another user, with or without an attached message. More gift options can be added by administrators; feel free to suggest other gifts to them, preferably via the forums in the Tech Wishlists section.

Chatting feature

We have an on-wiki chat feature, available to all registered members. It will use user avatars if included, comes with notifications that can be changed in user preferences, and has a built in chat log.

Unlike the IRC option, this is on-wiki only, and meant for members only, and is an extension of the communication features we added to complement SocialProfile.

All rules that would apply to the IRC apply here as well, and administrators have the power to remove problem users or ban users from this chat feature, should circumstances dictate that as needed.

User blogging

We have a user blogs feature that allows for registered users to make blog posts, with voting and comments.

We expect and request that blogs be confined to site relevant topics, such as reviews of media, general discussion about tropes and works, or other materials that fit with our site mission.

General blogging about unrelated topics can be done on any number of other sites, like WordPress and Blogspot.

Like with all other content, blogs are also subject to general content rules, so illegal or pornographic content will be removed from blogs at any time with prejudice.