All The Tropes:Who we are

Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

We are All The Tropes, a wiki about all forms of media and entertainment -- and the tropes found therein.

Why we care about tropes

We love fiction, because it reveals truths about the human condition that we could never learn from an encyclopedia. It transforms our moods from the heights of comedy to the depths of drama; it transports us into the life of characters and to fantastic lands. We feel that by talking about the way that stories are put together, we can gain a deeper understanding and affection of our favorite works (though some would disagree).

So just as the very first wiki, the Portland Pattern Repository, sought to catalog the patterns in software development, we seek to catalog all of the patterns in media -- the patterns we call tropes.

Why we left The Other Tropes Wiki

TV Tropes began a policy of censoring pages in early 2012, in response to pressure from Google AdSense. We felt that we could make a community that would be free from commercial influences, and more responsive to the concerns of the community. For the nitty-gritty, see History.

Who Owns the Wiki

Eventually, the idea will be to incorporate as a non-profit corporation, but for now, our revenue and needs are just too small. Until we grow into a larger community, the owners are Brent "Vorticity" Laabs and GethN7.

But the owners of the content of the wiki are all of the editors who make this such a fun place to be in -- the fans, the critics, and the creators will ultimately control the destiny of this wiki.

The owners of the servers that support this website are the folks at Miraheze, who put together their wiki farm to provide an ad-free, nonprofit alternative. This works well with our goal to get away from the commercialism that threatened TVT.

Nonprofit status

As explained above, we plan to incorporate as an educational non-profit corporation when the wiki gets bigger. No one actually makes any money off of the wiki, and we have no plans to turn it into an ad-ridden commercial venture. Our administrators have helped to create a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the past for a wiki, and are more than willing to do it again. It just costs nearly $1000 to do so, and so we definitely need to have significant expenses to justify it.


We don't need any for our own site now. However, Miraheze is a nonprofit hosting us, and they would be more than happy to accept donations to keep the site running.